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What will the future of life at home be in five years’ time? Ok we don’t have the luxury of hopping into a Tardis™ to find out, but we do have TrendBible.

The fascinating world of trend forecasting is big business. Companies are looking for a better understanding of future trends for their audiences and insight on what will drive their thoughts, tastes and behaviours. TrendBible have a deep grasp of forecasting trends which can help brands and organisations make informed commercial decisions, helping to future proof the world’s most ambitious and forward-thinking businesses.

With this ever-shifting world of trends, Studio Blackburn’s recent new visual identity for TrendBible was deliberately kept simple. Founded more than 12 years ago, their previous fussy identity was in need of a visual update along with a new strategy to reinforce their market leading position.

Joanna Feeley, Founder & CEO stated, “It was a real pleasure to work with the team at Studio Blackburn. They really quickly got under the skin of what we were about and what kind of company we needed to become. They managed to capture our ambition and helped us shape a brand profile that has really motivated and excited our team. I feel like they have been pivotal in helping us gear up for our next exciting phase of growth.”

The new identity is brand colour free, allowing TrendBible to be constantly colour relevant. The timeless bold logotype will always stay fresh despite the ever-changing trend landscape.

The bold graphic arrow is used as a standalone symbol and as a logo lock-up device to house imagery within different compositions on a grid.

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